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About Sam


Sam – a youthful, gifted, multi-media artist offers his creations for purchase to share his view of the cosmos and universe, as well as his abstract high impact color innovations that deliver extreme movement.  He sees the world from a lens of wonder and awe.  There is a unique balance between mass and color interacting to create pieces of interest and significance.  His work engenders reflective responses.  Be a collector of art that creates profound emotions.     



Sam Says:

I have heard it explained that art is a process of arranging color in a manor to make the senses react to create an emotion or response from a viewer.  I take that responsibility very seriously in my expressions on paper or canvas.  I want each of my pieces to have an effect – to move the observer.  My task is to have the recipient of my work look and look and look.  To find whimsy or be moved by the profound presence of mass and color.  I hope that you enjoy my challenges to intrigue you.

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